Advanced training for Alexander Technique teachers

Pain management for people of all ages

N. Brooke Lieb is the Director of Teacher Training at The American Center for the Alexander Technique and a Nationally Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. Watch Brooke teach below:

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Postgraduate Training

Continue to refine your hands-on skills; address specific pedagogical questions you have about your students; address your own use in teaching and in life. Lessons include hands on from me and the chance to put hands on for feedback. You may take one-on-one lessons or shared lessons. 

My approach

I believe in cultivating your innate skills. Sessions build on what you are already doing effectively, and focus on empowering you to explore, experiment and ask your student to take a direct role in his or her own learning. The Alexander Technique is a highly effective tool in the hands of every Alexander Teacher.


  • Understanding differences in learning styles, use patterns, and structural variations
  • Giving and soliciting feedback from your student
  • Matching your verbal instructions with your hands-on work
  • Addressing your student's interests and needs in the context of the Alexander principles.
  • Developing your professional boundaries for long term success
  • Staying interested and engaged in teaching

Are you in pain?

You can let the pain go: Let me teach you what every Body should know™

One-on-One Lessons in the Alexander Technique

  • Do you suffer from neck or back pain, stenosis, recurring injury, headaches, or TMJ (jaw) problems?
  • Are you looking for help managing anxiety, trauma and/or stress?
  • Are your pain-free periods between flare-ups getting shorter?
  •  Is the fear of re-injury keeping you from being fully active?
  • Are you living with chronic injury or pain?
  • Have the tools you used failed to give you lasting relief?
  • Are you interested in having alternatives to medication or surgery?
  • Would you do better with the support of a teacher?

Alexander Technique Study Guide

by N. Brooke Lieb

The Alexander Technique Study Guide is ideal if  you want to supplement your learning or if there are no teachers in your area.

Alexander Study Guide, 20 page PDF file for $5 / Please note, all credit card payments are processed on a secure server through PayPal.