Resilience                  Poise                  Balance                   Ease                Creativity

Lessons in the Alexander Technique teach you how to recognize and release the physical and mental affects of stress, and may offer relief from pain caused by excess pressure on joints, nerves and discs.

Are you in pain?

  • Do you suffer from neck or back pain, stenosis, recurring injury, headaches, or TMJ (jaw) problems?
  • Are you looking for help managing anxiety, trauma and/or stress?
  • Are your pain-free periods between flare-ups getting shorter?
  •  Is the fear of re-injury keeping you from being fully active?
  • Are you living with chronic injury or pain?
  • Have the tools you used failed to give you lasting relief?
  • Are you interested in having alternatives to medication or surgery?
  • Would you do better with the support of a teacher?

In a 45-minute session, you can achieve a deeply relaxed, yet energized state while learning tools that help you keep feeling better all day long.

Alexander Technique is used as a resource at the following Businesses:

  • Victorinox (Swiss knife company)
  • Unicible (an IT company)
  • Siemens AG (an electrical engineering company)
  • Treuhand GmbH (an accountancy practice)
  • Ville de Lausanne (a town services organization)
  • D. E. V. K. (an insurance company)
  • Steuerberaterverban Schleswig-Holstein (a tax consultancy company)
  • Alliance Insurance Corporation (an insurance company)
  • Chevron-Texaco (an energy company)
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (a hospital)

Alexander Technique is included in the curriculum of the following Educational Institutions:

  • Yale University, School of Drama, New Haven
  • New York University
  • Hunter College, NYC
  • The Juilliard School, NYC
  • The Mannes College of Music, NYC
  • Circle in the Square Theatre School, NYC
  • Boston University
  • American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute
  • London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
  • Royal College of Music, London
  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London
  • American Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts, NYC
  • Towson University, Maryland

People perform their daily activities with constant tension in their necks and backs, creating compression in joints and pressure on nerves. When they uncover the natural coordinated and balanced relationship between their heads, neck and backs, this subtle yet destructive stress is relieved, allowing efficient and easeful movement. This recovered poise is the result of the reduction of physical stress factors in the body brought about by simple education through the Alexander Technique.

"The Primary Control", discovered by F. M. Alexander, is the dynamic relationship of the head, neck and back. When this relationship of head/neck/back is balanced and easeful, this is the most beneficial coordination of the human body. As people learn to recover this coordination, they experience relief from neck tension allowing the spinal column to function at its maximum length. This allows maximum range of motion in all the joints along with minimum stress on nerves and leads to performing activities without strain.

Through education, people become aware of how they carry unnecessary tension during their work activities. As they learn to pause briefly, release this tension and recover efficiency in the primary control, activities are carried out without the harmful stress otherwise present.