Start Feeling Better Now

Private sessions last 30 to 45 minutes.

Comfortable, loose clothing is recommended. You will explore your daily activities and simple movements, such as getting in and out of a chair, to discover your body'sinnate balance and poise. Understand how to achieve healthy, safe movement and recognize when you may be putting yourself at risk for injury.

 Lessons are typically scheduled once or twice weekly.

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Individual Lesson: $100/45-minutes + $3.30processing fee (Manhattan and PA) Click Below

Post-Graduate sessions (private or semi-private): $100/hour + $3.30 processing fee

*The Following Programs are only available in Manhattan only.

The Jump Start Immersion Program: 12 30-minute lessons/Expires in 5 weeks: $720 + $21.81 processing fee (Manhattan Only) Click Below

10 45-minute Lesson Package/Expires in 13 Weeks: $850 + $25.75 processing fee (Manhattan Only) Click Below

5 45-minute Lesson Package/Expires in 7 weeks: $450 + $13.75 processing fee (Manhattan only) Click Below

No teacher in your area? Purchase the 20-page "Alexander Technique Study Guide" by Brooke Lieb (PDF File) for $5. Click below