"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for teaching those Master Classes at Kutztown University once in a while.  I just had back surgery to shave down some herniated discs, and the only way I was able to get up and sit down was by using what I learned in those short Alexander Technique seminars.  I had some nerve damage in my leg and getting up, bending over and sitting down used to make it hurt a lot, as well as walking up steps. Using the little I learned of the Alexander Technique helped me learn the importance of using my body to the fullest extent of what it was structured for.

Thank you so much once again.  Without your teachings, this past month of recovery would have gone a lot slower and I wouldn't have been able to start physical therapy for at least another few weeks, when I am able to start next week.

Since I am still a poor college student and have been busy, I won't be able to attend one of your real classes for a while, but when I find the time, I will be signing up, because from what I have experienced, this technique will not only help me live a happier pain free life, but will also help with my trombone playing. Thank you once again, I can't express the excitement I had when I used this method and it worked for me."

- D.M, Instrumentalist

"Before working with Brooke, I thought my daily neck ache and dull pain in my lower back were "normal" and pretty much inevitable, since I work primarily on the phone and at the computer. After a few Alexander Technique sessions with Brooke, my neck pain is virtually gone and my body doesn't feel
"scrunched" anymore. Friends (as well as strangers!) have recently commented on my improved posture. The small investment in Alexander Technique lessons is reaping BIG rewards. I feel I have tools to keep applying for the rest of my life.

Brooke is exceptionally warm, supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging and non-judgmental in her approach. If physical stress plagues you, I highly recommend having a lesson with her just once. It's well worth the try!"

-Fabienne Fredrickson, Business Coach

"We think that your abilities allow us to actually "deal" with the external world by helping us understand ourselves... appreciating where "we are" compared to the "out there..." It also seems to "slow us down" and allow us to appreciate the time we are awake... colors are brighter, sounds sweeter, hearing more acute. For Mike, the degree of relaxation I get with an Alexander session is greater than a massage or other form of "therapy."

Mike has not had significant prolonged periods of shoulder and neck pain since the very first lesson."

-Mike Woods, M.D. , Marcia Woods, Consultant

"I started taking Alexander Technique lessons from Brooke to alleviate repetitive strain injuries in both arms. I was so impressed with her teaching ability and her caring personality that I decided to expand my sessions to include CranioSacral Therapy as well. My CranioSacral sessions with Brooke are pure relaxation and better than any massage I've ever had.

Before working with Brooke, I had little or no awareness of the amount of muscle tension I was holding throughout my body and how that tension was contributing to the various aches and pains I had. Over the course of my lessons with Brooke, I've developed a much better understanding of how my body works and I've acquired the tools to release the unnecessary tensions I hold in my body.

The most significant changes I've experienced thanks to working with Brooke are:
1) A dramatic reduction in the amount of tension I hold in my neck, shoulders and arms as well as techniques for releasing any tension that does develop in these areas.

2) The ability to recognize and release tension in other areas of my body, such as my lower back, thereby preventing future problems.

3) A sense of confidence that I can heal myself.

Having repetitive strain injuries has been very challenging at times but the silver lining to this cloud is that it led me to Brooke and for that I am grateful. She's a very effective teacher and I love working with her.

-Patricia Howard, Attorney

"I wanted to also thank you for and share a recent event where my Alexander training was incredibly helpful. I was a witness in a lawsuit and a very nasty and imposing lawyer was taking my deposition for endless hours at a stretch. He was very aggressive, trying to trip me up everywhere through intimidation. Because of the work that we have done, I was able to catch my tension before it built up and release the places where fear was threatening. This allowed me to stay in my own space and not get sucked into his, so I did much better in my responses. Thanks!"

-Alan Bernstein, Attorney

"Although Alexander Technique had been recommended to me for several years by friends who had tried it, I was always reluctant to address issues of posture and body work for various reasons. Mostly because it seemed like work. Over the past year, however, I began to have severe neck and back pain. I was not sleeping well, and my energy level was lower than ever. Finally, I could no longer tolerate the pain, and my neck became increasingly stiff and immobile. Fearing serious injury, I went to a doctor of sports medicine. He informed me that I needed extensive physical therapy to strengthen my back muscles and readjust my "horrendous" posture.

Thus, I went through physical therapy, and although I felt as though I was making progress, I was still having pain, low energy, and, as a result, high anxiety. It was then that it occurred to me that I might
finally try Alexander Technique. So, I went to the one woman I know I could trust to have incredible compassion and patience with me, Brooke Lieb.

For me, a visit to Brooke has always been a treat for the body and mind. I always feel relaxed and ready for change in her presence. Working with her and Alexander Technique is no different. Brooke is very present, sensitive, and aware of her clients' needs and abilities. She has a highly tuned power of perception that allows her to pinpoint exactly where tension exists in the body. In addition, she is extremely creative as she begins to work with both your mind and body. Brooke is always using new metaphors, new methods, new suggestions in order to give your mind the new messages it needs to send to your body to change. Every week Brooke has something new and creative to offer.

As a result of our work in Alexander Technique, my posture has improved dramatically. I have doubled my energy level which can now be spent on things other than holding my self up. As a result, I have been sleeping soundly and deeply for the first time in years. It is no longer difficult to get up in the morning. I have no neck or back pain. I am in a much better mood, more relaxed, and less stressed. Just from my concrete work in Alexander Technique, I have increased my faith in myself, my mind, my body, and
in my ability to change. As a result of all of these changes, I have increased my self-esteem, I've lost weight,and I am looking pretty good! It is worth each and every penny and more!"

-Alexis Kuerbis, M.S.W.

"Before working with Brooke Lieb I had always felt I had certain physical limitations - after studying the Alexander Technique with Brooke I felt that virtually all of these limitations were removed.

After studying the Alexander Technique I experienced an extraordinary increase in my level of relaxation when working as an actor and when singing. After 15 years as a professional actor and singer, the relaxation I experienced allowed my emotional life and work to be more relaxed and free as well. Specific results include increasing my singing range by several notes. When I audition, I enter the room with a new level of ease and confidence and this continues as I perform - I feel like the Alexander Technique has significantly improved my acting.

I have recommended Brooke to both actors and people with physical injuries.

-Hans Tester, Actor and Singer

"Brooke understands the subtleties of how the human body, mind and heart work and has an extraordinary ability communicate those complex ideas simply. She has an intelligence that elevates working with her to a level of artistry that both challenges, encourages and facilitates change. As an Alexander teacher she has the hands that "know", she senses what is going on physically and energetically, communicates that information effectively, and teaches efficiently."

-Eve Laurel Fogler, Fitness Specialist

"I have been studying the Alexander technique with Brooke Lieb for one year. I learned about the technique from fellow actors who use it to strengthen their voices and improve their acting. Since I began studying the technique I've experienced increased flexibility, balance, an increased understanding of how my body works, and how to use it effectively in a performance.

I recently was in performance that was not going well. Near the end of the show, there was a split scene where two other actors had dialogue while I sat on a couch on the other side of the stage, quietly looking through the photo album. During this break, I though about how poorly the scene was going. I took the
time to evaluate what was happening in my body - my posture, breathing and areas of tension. I realized that my feet weren't on the ground. I firmly planted my feet, took a few deep breaths, and the rest of the performance went beautifully.

Brooke is a great teacher. She explains the technique combining a complete understanding of anatomy, everyday experiences and creative analogies. She has given me tools that I can use in daily life. For example, I have walked out of turned ankles that in the past have left me limping and in great pain.
My heightened sense of how I carry my weighted and increased balance have facilitated smooth subway rides, even when I am unable to hold on. I am learning that while in a stressful situation, I can change my emotional responses by liberating my breathing and other physical responses. My sessions with Brooke have left me feeling tall, powerful and free."

-Pam Edgar, Actress

"Working with Brooke Lieb on the Alexander Technique was a revelation into how tension along the spine can negatively affect all aspects of vocal production. I now have much greater range, control and freedom. Singing is fun again!"

-Martha Collins, Singer, Voice Teacher