Finding my Inner Adult and other Adventures in the Alexander Technique

Most people consider the Alexander Technique a highly effective resource for improving posture, recovering from injury and managing the physical effects of stress, repetitive strain injuries and the demands of daily life. It certainly can provide relief and improvement in all of those areas.

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Beyond that, Alexander Technique can help people access and cultivate their intelligence, skills of self-regulation, problem solving and the ability to delay instant gratification for a bigger payoff later.

That has been my experience. I refer to this capacity as my inner adult. I regularly exercise my ability to call on my inner resources, and make choices that support me in the best way I know how. My less successful outcomes (i.e., “failure”) provide me with information and knowledge about how to tweak my strategy or change course.

  • Here are some of the ways my inner adult shows up:

  • Tolerating short term frustration while pursuing my long term goals

  • Knowing when to change strategies

  • Running the gauntlet of bureaucracy and getting good customer service

  • Teaching the people in my life how to treat me

  • Working on my intolerance and selfishness without sacrificing myself

  • Getting my needs met by getting the right support and resources

  • Not believing my inner narrative when I am feeling afraid, insecure or hopeless

  • Recognizing the difference between when I am doing the best I can and when I am self-sabetoging

  • Being selective with my time and energy

  • Recognizing my habit of anticipatory anxiety and disaster-scenario thinking

  • Taking the steps I can now to secure the future I seek

  • Knowing I may never feel like an adult, but I can still manage my immature impulses

  • Recognizing gas lighting and calling it out

  • Checking in with trusted advisors to reality check my perception of situations

  • Knowing my version of reality and your version of reality can be very different, and both of us may have a valid point of view

  • Being able to set work aside and partake of pleasure, beauty, art and companionship

  • Checking in with myself to make sure I am aware of the abundance I already have, and experiencing gratitude

  • Remembering I always feel better when I move my body than when I sit around

  • Things in the world really are at a critical point, and I can stay present to that reality while also appreciating what I have.

  • This could all be gone in a heartbeat, literally. Live in the now.

Try this to access your inner adult:

  1. Next time you find yourself unable to start on a project or task, set a timer for 5 minutes and spend that time working on it. Just 5 minutes.

  2. If you are able and willing, spend another 5 minutes on the project.

  3. Notice how you feel after having taken concrete action.

  4. To keep the momentum going, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier in the morning and spend the first 5 minutes of your day working on this or another task.